Clinics are held year round to help 
students increase their education 
of a new discipline. Robert gives 
participants a complete 
understanding of each subject
 starting from square one and 
continuing step-by step for total
 and easy comprehension
June 9 - Desensitizing Clinic

July 7 - Perfecting Your Canter  9 am start  $75. ride / $10/ audit
             Learn correct use of riding Aids for good departures 
             and speed control to overcome your fears
            and build confidence 

August 4 - Trail Challenge  9 am start
               Come practice, then compete over different types of 
               trail courses. Ranch Trail, Versatility and Extreme
               Walk-trot and Open division

Sept. 15 - Problem Solving 
                Let Robert help you solve a riding problem with your horse
                Individual 20 minute sessions for only $25,